what is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website and mobile app that helps people find and rent short-term lodging in private homes or rooms. You can also find lodging through Airbnb with the House Care Service, which includes housekeeping, laundry, and concierge services. Airbnb is the world’s most popular place to live by Airbnb listings on October 24th, 2017.

Airbnb is available in over 190 countries, and nearly 40,000 cities.

Airbnb allows anyone to list their home and room for free to make money. The host can set a nightly fee for the lodging. Airbnb hosts can also offer amenities to guests like Wi-Fi, parking space, a grill, or pets.

Airbnb lets people find and rent other people’s homes or rooms across the world at short-term lodging businesses like hotels and franchises in various cities around the world. Airbnb offers its users in different countries, hosts with listings free home or rooms in a short-term stay – usually less than 30 days – according to their own price plans that vary between countries.

Sites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing are changing the way people travel around the world. Airbnb is a website that lets you book accommodation in someone’s house or an apartment. You can stay with locals in their homes and meet interesting people from different cultures and backgrounds. This site provides a convenient way to find affordable accommodation, by connecting travelers with private residents and local hosts via its website or mobile app. Airbnb was launched in 2008; it began as a service that only offered private rooms for rent, but now anyone can list their entire home or flat for short-term rental via this network of hosts.

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