UAE Expo 2020 Review: A History of Incredible Global Events

  • What does Expo 2020 stand for?

An International Exhibition that is typically held every 4 years in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. The event takes place in summer on a planet’s surface rather than an indoor venue. It has been called “one of the most ambitious events ever to take place.

  • What are some benefits of being involved with expo 2020?

The main benefit is that you can take part in making world history during an event where over 100 countries will be represented. There are also many other side benefits including job opportunities. You could apply as a performer, speaker or broadcaster at various stages throughout the year or even gain admission into the event as an attendee.

  • What are the different types of expo 2020?

Firstly, there is World Expos, which occur every 5 years. They have themes that highlight the world’s culture and history. The last World Expo was in Shanghai China in 2010 and it had a theme based on “Better City, Better Life”. The next one will be hosted by Dubai in 2020. Then there are multiple Specialized Expos that take place when a major city hosts the World Expo.

  • What were some previous expo 2020?

The first world Expos were held in the United States in 1853, and they were known as “Universal Exhibitions of Industry, Arts and Manufactures. Several of them were also called “Louisiana Purchase Expositions”. The last world expos took place in Seville Spain in 1992. Specialized Expos took place in San Francisco in 1939, New York City in 1964 and the one that is currently the most famous took place in Montreal Canada which was called “Expo ’67”.

  • What is a Specialized Expo?

They are held when a city holds the World Expo. Examples include electronic exhibitions, agricultural expositions and sports expos like the Olympics. They are much smaller than World Expos but they play an important role when people can learn about what is happening in these sectors of society.

  • What does Dubai have planned for Expo 2020?

They plan to use the event as an opportunity to show off their cultural diversity and their advanced technological achievements. For example, innovations in healthcare, building and infrastructure will be showcased to visitors.

  • What is a World Expo like?

The last one was hosted by China in 2010 and it had a theme based on “Better City, Better Life”. People from over 130 countries attended the event and 22 million people visited during its run. Countries all over the world quickly tried to apply for hosting rights before it opened, because they wanted to be involved in its production. They also had their own pavilions where they showcased their culture, society and history.

  • What is a Specialized Expo like?

Just as the name suggests, there are many types of specialized expos, but they don’t have themes and are smaller than world expos. The largest one took place in Hanover Germany in 2000 and it was for industrial technology. It is impossible to get an accurate number of how many people attended because it was so massive, however, there were over 50 million visitors.

  • What are some countries that have put in a bid for expo 2020?

The United Arab Emirates, Qatar and India all want to host the next Expo. They hope that it will bring economic growth and opportunity to their countries and they believe that their infrastructure is advanced enough to handle the event. Other countries that are also interested include Australia, Sweden, and Indonesia.

  • What kind of shows can I do at expo 2020?

Performers can take part in the dance or singing events that occur throughout the week. You can also be in charge of delivering content for the various expo panels. There are many other opportunities available to you through your media professional role.

In conclusion, The United Arab Emirates Expo 2020 is in its nascent stages. As of now, it seems that the country has taken important steps towards realizing its goals for the event. However, there are some indicators that show that the country still has a long way to go. To be sure, what is important for UAE Expo 2020 Review at this point is how well the UAE follows through on its plans to monitor and manage all elements of the event so that it becomes successful.

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