The Most Famous Places in Dubai for Renting Commercial Properties

Over the past few years, the UAE government has announced many new laws that have rendered the country more attractive to international and local business owners seeking to establish a business. You’ve come to the right place if you’re a young entrepreneur seeking to start a company in Dubai but aren’t sure where to start. Continue reading to learn which areas in Dubai are the most common for commercial property rentals.


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The ever-popular Business Bay is first on our list of places to rent commercial property in Dubai. The region serves as a commercial center in Dubai, as its name implies. 

It is known as one of the best places in Dubai to rent offices, with the added advantage of being in one of the city’s most well-connected areas. It is next to Downtown Dubai, one of the world’s most well-known tourist attractions in Dubai. Other prominent commercial centers such as Dubai Media City and Dubai International City, and the Dubai International Airport are just 20 minutes away.

This place even has its metro station, which contributes to the convenience of visiting this commercial area in Dubai. Business owners can choose from a variety of office spaces and shops for sale in Business Bay, as well as a few industrial floors. 

There are a variety of residential properties in Business Bay as well. This enables company owners to locate rented commercial assets closer to their location.

The average price per square foot in Business Bay for offices for hire is AED 74.58. At AED 125.72 per sq. ft., shops for rent in Business Bay are understandably more expensive.


The Al Quoz region is next on our list of areas in Dubai with commercial lands. Al Quoz is a sanctuary for manufacturing firms in the city, divided into residential and industrial districts. 

The Al Quoz industrial area, which includes Al Quoz 1, 2, 3, and 4, is located in the southwest section of the neighborhood and contains vast warehouses, car shops, and laborer housing. If you have business interests in Dubai Marina or the Jebel Ali Freezone, renting a commercial property in Al Quoz is a perfect idea.

When it comes to renting a commercial building in Al Quoz, prospective tenants have more options. The cost of renting offices in Al Quoz is currently AED 73.51 per square foot. 

The shops for rent in Al Quoz, which average AED 140.69 per sq. ft., are also worth considering. Warehouses in Al Quoz, with an average price of AED 31.11 per sq. ft., are a good option for companies looking for more rooms.


Deira is the perfect location to rent commercial buildings in Dubai since it is home to some of the city’s oldest traditional souks. It is also one of the city’s most well-connected neighborhoods, with plenty of transit choices thanks to its convenient connection to the city’s public transportation. 

Deira gives company owners the chance to be in one of Dubai’s most vibrant shopping areas, including hotels and residential units.

In Deira, entrepreneurs can find a wide range of industrial rental spaces to fit their needs. In terms of cost, offices for rent in Deira cost AED 72.63 per square foot. 

In Deira, prospective tenants should consider paying an estimate of AED 133.12 for a store. Deira warehouses rent for an average of AED 30.56 per square foot.

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