The Best and Safest Place to Live in Dubai

Dubai is host to over three million inhabitants, many of whom inevitably choose to live in the best part of town. Obviously, people’s personal and residential preferences can influence the best place to live in Dubai, but the premise for determining the best residential neighborhood in Dubai goes beyond preferences.

Some neighborhoods, though, have organically grown to become more common than others over time. This is the case in Dubai Marina, widely regarded as the best place to live in the city. Today, we’ll look at why Dubai Marina is still as famous as it opened in 2003.

The Best Place To Live In Dubai Is Dubai Marina

What factors should people consider while looking for a place to stay in Dubai or investing in the city? The majority of citizens will think about:

  • The services and facilities available in the region
  • There are several entertainment opportunities available.
  • The area’s link to the rest of the city is excellent.
  • There are many modes of transportation available.
  • Rental prices and gross return on investment

Based on these criteria, Dubai Marina will undoubtedly qualify as the best place to reside in Dubai.

The city’s center is now known as “New Dubai” in Dubai Marina, which spans 4.6 million square meters. Luxurious luxury homes, sparkling restaurants, sporting facilities, and many entertainment choices can all be found in this region. As a result, it is regarded as Dubai’s best residential region.

Dubai Marina has continuously been the most sought-after place for renting and purchasing land in Dubai for the past six years. Marina was named the best place to rent an apartment in the most recent annual rent survey for Dubai 2020. The district has emerged as the most common option for those looking to buy flats in the emirate, according to an overview of Dubai’s annual sales report for 2020.

This is particularly noteworthy given Dubai’s continuous evolution and the establishment of newer localities. Nonetheless, Dubai Marina has maintained its allure and is rightfully regarded as the finest spot to reside in Dubai by both expats and locals.

Dubai Marina is sure to be at the top of either chart, whether you’re searching for the safest city in Dubai for families or the best home to stay in Dubai for singles.

Most Common Areas To Rent Apartments In Dubai Marina

Marina Diamonds is the most famous residential tower complex in the region for renting apartments. Marina Diamonds offers rental apartments beginning at AED 28k per year. Marina Diamonds offers apartments of up to three bedrooms.

The DEC Towers are the second most common residential construction among tenants. The average annual rent for apartments in DEC Towers starts at AED 30,000.

Manchester Tower has also piqued the curiosity of potential residents. One must have a minimum annual expenditure of AED 26k to rent apartments in Manchester Towers.

The Princess Tower and Studio One Tower are two other residential buildings that tenants favor, with annual rentals starting at AED 45k up to AED 34k.

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