Popular Places to Rent Apartments And Villas In Al Furjan

The Al Furjan neighborhood is quickly becoming one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential areas, thanks to its lush landscaping, urban design, and affordable rates. 

Knowing the Al Furjan rent dynamics will help you make an educated decision if you’re thinking of moving to this neighborhood. Today, MyBayut brings you the latest Al Furjan rent developments for both villas and apartments. 

Take a look at the most famous places in Al Furjan with rental apartments and villas and the average rents for each to get a better idea of the costs of living in the city.

Dubai About Al Furjan

Al Furjan is a residential community designed by master developer Nakheel. It is located only 13 minutes from the famous Ibn Battuta Mall. It consists of a mix of luxury apartments and villas set within various facilities and beautifully landscaped pathways. The Al Furjan Pavilion and the upcoming Al Furjan West Pavilion are two of the community’s shopping centers. Restaurants, indoor pools, tennis fields, gyms, and mosques are also available at both of these shopping malls. Residents of Al Furjan will also take advantage of the amenities available to the surrounding Discover Gardens.

As you can see, staying in Al Furjan has a lot of advantages. So, if you’re thinking of moving to Al Furjan, take a peek at the Al Furjan rent patterns.

Houses For Rent In Al Furjan’s Most Famous Area

Due to their luxury design and expansive floor plans, rental homes and villas in Al Furjan are the most sought-after property types in the region. They are available in three, four, five, and even six-bedroom setups. Al Furjan still has a range of beautiful rental townhouses.

Dreamz By Danube Is Al Furjan’s Most Famous Area For Renting Houses

Dreamz by the Danube is a neighborhood inside Al Furjan that stretches 700,000 square feet and features 171 luxurious townhouses with three and four bedrooms. As one of the homes here, each of the latest houses for rent in Al Furjan is built with a sleek, contemporary edge. The homes have an opulent feel to them, with Italian marble and other high-end furnishings. 

These residences also have designated parking spaces. This community’s living condition is often chic. Residents have access to world-class services throughout the city, such as parks and athletic centers. The average yearly rental price in this neighborhood in Al Furjan is AED 115k for prospective tenants.

Dubai Style Is Another Favorite

The Al Furjan rent patterns reveal that Bayut consumers are very interested in Dubai Style villas. (Photo courtesy of Nakheel’s website)

Our rental industry dynamics in Al Furjan indicate that prospective tenants choose villas in the Dubai style. The people who live here have a well-balanced lifestyle. 

Traditional design details and contemporary interiors are seamlessly blended in these villas. They come in various sizes and models, varying from 3 to 5 bedrooms, each with its garage. A few minutes away is the Pavilion cultural center, which houses the Al Furjan Spinneys and other restaurants. The average rent for Dubai Style villas in Al Furjan is AED 163k.

Al Furjan Villas For Rent Are Also Available In Quortaj

Big luxury villas are available for sale. Al Furjan, Quortaj

The villas in Quortaj are the ones to choose from if you’re looking for luxury and beauty in one kit. 

These homes have exclusive design features, including embellished white panels and green tile roofs, giving them a glamorous appearance. Tenants in the Quortaj neighborhood experience a private and quiet existence away from the capital. 

These villas are available in 3- to 5-bedroom setups, with some also including private baths. A house in Quortaj costs on average AED 170k per year to pay.

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