Is Buying Property In Dubai A Good Investment?

Is it a smart investment to purchase property in Dubai? What are the benefits of buying properties in Dubai?

Are these questions on your mind? If yes, you can get some good property buying advice in Dubai in this post.

Perhaps every customer I meet and want to buy property in Dubai has above all questions in mind. Today I will discuss all these things in-depth.

This way, you will have a better understanding of how to purchase properties in Dubai and what it takes to own a home in Dubai.

Why Should People Buy A Property In Dubai?

Property is the most precious thing you may purchase with your capital.

Do you ask why? Because the world no longer produces land. This earth is the only piece of land we have. So, why not claim it under your name before anybody else buys the part you want?

Besides the recommendation your grandparents told you about buying and selling a piece of property, there are a variety of explanations for why people are investing in real estate. Some people save money throughout their lives to build their dream home.

At the same time, people have plenty of money, and they realize that investing in property is the best way to keep it secure and grow it over time.

Regardless of the group that you fall under, the vision of owning a house is never old. Even the poorest guy in the world continues his dream one day to get his own house.

We will presume that you purchase property as a family home, use it as a vacation house, or use it in your investment portfolio and earn rental income.

Let’s consider all of the above reasons for Dubai and understand why buying property in Dubai is a good investment for anyone.

Buying a Property As A Family Home In Dubai

If you live and work in Dubai, you may be outraged to pay high rentals each year. So, why not buy a property rather than rent it?

The problem is, will individuals buy property in Dubai comfortably and pay his monthly mortgage? The response to this question is yes. You can qualify for a mortgage if you are making a minimum of Dh15,000 per month.

Since the 2008 market crisis, home investments have almost collapsed in Dubai. Over the past couple of years; however, Dubai has become a developed real estate sector. As a result, several affordable housing ventures had also been introduced in 2015.

It reminds me of a recent consumer who has been renting an apartment for two years in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and who has been sick of paying rent. One day, she called me to explore her options, and to her surprise, her budget is eligible for many properties, and the bank was also ready to give mortgage permits.

She applied for a mortgage for a long story, obtained permission, and accepted the bid. Now, she lives in her own house. The monthly mortgage payment is almost equivalent to the monthly rent she paid for her last flat.


While purchasing a property to live in any part of the world, you have to consider a family-friendly neighborhood. Dubai has been a family-friendly city from the beginning of its development. Every Dubai society is well designed and planned. Public parks, supermarkets, entertainment venues, nearby shopping centers, and cinemas are located in every city in Dubai.

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