How To Travel To Dubai

Dubai is not only a tourist destination, but also an important global business hub. It has many modern buildings and beautiful hotels that are located near the beach. If you’re looking for a set of perfect door knobs, just visit Dubai to find many of great quality and variety.



We’re going to start with visa/immigration because this is the part of Dubai that travelers are most concerned about. When you arrive in Dubai, you will need either a visa or an immigration stamp on your passport. If you get one, you can stay for a period of 90 days and then leave the country. If not, then you have to leave immediately.

For those who are non-citizens, there is no automatic right to live in the UAE and they must obtain a residency visa (also known as “long term residency”).
That’s the bad news. The good news is that citizens of most countries can enter visa-free, at least for a limited period of time. This includes major nations like the US, Canada, Australia and EU member states. The UK is not on the list at this time but might be in the future.

Other nationals will have to apply for a visa before entering Dubai.

Visa Application.

photo of UAE Visa Application

Depending on the country you’re from, the visa application process will take anywhere from 30 days to 6 weeks. Once they’ve received your application, applicants will be invited to drop their application off at a special visa center within 8 business days. They also have a website that handles international travelers at

Visitors on Business/Individuals With Special Needs

photo of Visitors on Business/Individuals With Special Needs

There are many different kinds of visas that can be obtained for visitors on business or executives with special needs. This includes needing an entry authorization letter because you have certain conditions that require extra care for your safety and security to be provided by the UAE government (such as having a medical condition).
Business Visa

The business visa is known as a multiple-entry visit visa. It is valid for 1 to 15 years and allows you to stay for 90 days at a time. The application and additional requirements vary slightly depending on the country, though the process takes no longer than two weeks.

Tourist Visa (single/double)

photo of Tourist Visa ( single or Double )

If you are planning a holiday, then this is the visa for you! The tourist visa allows for stays in Dubai of up to 90 days. The application process takes up to 3 weeks, but holders can leave and re-enter as many times as they want as long as they are gone no more than 180 days over the course of each 6 months.
Student Visa

Students will have to get your visa from the UAE embassy in your country, so double check the requirements and make sure you’re allowed to apply for a student visa before heading over. Applications can take up to 4 weeks and once the student arrives in Dubai, they are allowed to stay for up to 5 years.
The above information comes from . The website also offers more information about different visas, immigration policies and other vital documents as well as helpful tips for filing an application and general advice about living in Dubai.
Do you want to learn more ? Here are 5 books on Dubai:

  1. “Dubai: City of Gold” by  Peter Reid
  2. “Dubai Tales” by  Lorraine Green (Nigel Green)
  3. “Dubai Memories” by Richard Beeston (Nigel Green)
  4. “Dubai Chronicles” by Nigel Green (Nigel Green)
  5. Dubai Stories: An Unofficial Guide to the Emirate of Happiness, by Micheal Fakes-Brown is a fantastic book for travelers who want to explore Dubai’s history and culture. Published in 2009, it contains tons of useful information with photos and stories about the city’s characters, places and history.

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