How to buy property in Dubai With a 50K AED Down payment?

Delving into the world of Dubai properties can be overwhelming, but not if you have the right knowledge. Here are some tips to help you buy Your property in Dubai with a down payment as low as 50K AED, rather than the mandatory Huge amounts asked around.

Step 1:

Decide what kind of property you want to buy. There are many different types of properties varying in price and style. So depending on the kind of property you’d like to buy, you need to prepare 50K AED or 80K AED (The difference between 50K AED and 80K AED is the king of property you chose). From apartment to townhouses or villa, normally apartment prices start from 290k AED places like JVC or 591K AED places like MBR city. Townhouses and villas start from 550K AED and go up to more than 1 million AED.

it is the developer who decides the kind of installment or payment plan for the project, but since you have a clear vision you still can implement the way you want to buy by having a good real estate agent.

Step 2:

Find your property. This can be done by checking out websites like, or Dubizzle and, or where you can easily research hundreds of apartments in Dubai, with photos and prices listed, but this way of hunting costs a lot of time because those properties are listed by brokers and real estate agents, so you will need to find a great deal with those hundreds of agents. The best way with no consuming time is to ask a good real estate agent around and provide him your inquiry then let him do the hunting for you. Don’t worry you will pay 0% commission.

Step 3:

Approval from the banks. Now that you’re a potential buyer, you’ll need a bank to accept your mortgage application. The biggest problem here is that the bank will want to see your identification papers and proof of income. You can have your income verified by having a letter from your employer stating how much you earn.

Step 4:

Signing an agreement (MOU). Once you find your desired property and are accepted by the bank mortgage, you will sign the “MOU”, meaning signing an agreement between the seller and buyer. This is not actually signed by Dubai Law Authorities, but this should be followed by the seller and the builders. The MOU is like a promise to follow through with what you’ve agreed on the Developer. Down payments should be paid by cash or cheque at that time.

Step 5:

Stay in touch with your real estate agent, real estate agents and Brokers will do the hunt for you next time, this is how they make their living, you can do this on your own, but most of the projects will be listed by brokers and agents, so you will need to choose one expert agent to work for you in Dubai. Remember that you’re paying commission with no percentage cut for real estate agents and brokers, so it is highly recommended that you keep in touch with a good agent or broker in Dubai.

let’s make some calculations to see how is that goes:

we have a property for 799,000 AED.( click here to see it details)
Downpayment is : 34,000 AED + 2% (15,980 AED) DLD because offer is there ( total is 49,890), and Move-in/ Take the Key.
EMI for the first 4 years: 6,526 AED / Month
EMI After 4 years: 3,007 AED/Month.
The EMI can be more or less Due to your eligibility (salary/years)

this method only goes with those who are eligible for a bank mortgage only, if you have the ability to buy a property with cash then it is better to choose the 80K AED method.
Now, What do we mean about the 80K method? this method goes with off-plan projects, so you pay 80K as a downpayment and the remaining is to be paid before handover. In case you couldn’t complete the amount you can resell the unit or take a mortgage. some of the developers have a post-handover payment plan as well.
Eligible for bank mortgage in UAE is to have a minimum salary/income of 15,000 AED per month. so, when you have not got any loan before or credit card debt, the offer of 50K AED as a downpayment is the Ideal option for you.

To conclude, there are many different ways to buy a property in Dubai, but the most cost-effective way is to go with the 50K AED and 80K AED ways. Always remember that your income and living should be stable and that you should have a clean credit report.



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