Dubai Real Estate: Q3 2023 Top Areas & Trends

Dubai’s real estate market has seen remarkable growth and development, and the data from the Dubai Land Department for September 2023 provides valuable insights into the current trends. Let’s delve into the top areas and key findings, shedding light on the ever-changing landscape of the city’s property market.

1. Transactional Hotspots:

At the end of September 2023, Al Barsha South Fourth emerged as the leader in terms of transactions, boasting an impressive 10,351 deals. Dubai Marina closely followed with 9,071 transactions, highlighting its continued popularity among investors and homebuyers. Business Bay, Wadi Al Safa 5, and Al Mirkadh also secured significant transactional figures, showcasing the diversity of the Dubai real estate market.

2. Transactional Value:

Dubai Marina stole the spotlight in terms of transactional value, with transactions totaling over Dhs36.7 billion. Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali Industrial First, and Wadi Al Safa 3 followed suit, underlining the financial significance of these areas. Business Bay and Burj Khalifa also made substantial contributions, reflecting the robust investment opportunities they offer.

3. Mortgages Overview:

Dubai Marina remained at the forefront in the mortgage category with 1,186 transactions, indicating a strong demand for property financing in this area. Al Thanyah Fifth, Al Barsha South Fourth, and Burj Khalifa also witnessed substantial mortgage activities, indicating the accessibility of home loans for potential buyers. Jebel Ali First area stood out in terms of mortgage value, with transactions amounting to Dhs27.78 billion, reaffirming its status as a prime investment hub.

4. Women in Real Estate:

One of the most notable trends was the significant rise in female investors, with 27,120 women registering 32,557 investments worth Dhs62.38 billion. This surge, recording a growth of 36.1% in investments, 53.8% in value, and 38.2% in the number of female investors, demonstrates the increasing role of women in Dubai’s real estate sector. Their active participation signifies a positive shift towards greater gender diversity and inclusivity within the industry.


Dubai’s real estate market continues to thrive, with diverse areas offering unique investment opportunities. The data from September 2023 showcases the city’s resilience and attractiveness to both local and international investors. As the market evolves, staying updated with these trends and statistics is crucial for making informed decisions in the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s real estate sector. Whether you are a potential investor, homebuyer, or industry enthusiast, these insights provide valuable perspectives on the city’s property market, guiding you towards informed and strategic choices in the vibrant Dubai real estate arena.

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