Do You Need To Know Arabic To Live In Dubai?

When you do a job in Dubai, it is OK if you do not understand Arabic. While Arabic is the official language of Emirates, the company language is English.

You do not even need to have power over spoken Arabic for several jobs in Dubai. You would probably need command over English. However, if you are employed with a small business such as a store or hotel, you will even need to talk Urdu if you are using an Indian restaurant.

Most staff and inhabitants of migrants don’t understand Arabic. In the United Arab Emirates, English and Urdu are commonly spoken. Urdu is the product of migrant workers with a plurality of the expats, who are predominantly from the Indian subcontinent. In the old town, anywhere, shops and restaurants, Urdu is mostly spoken along with English and not Arabic.

Where is Arabic for a Dubai Job required?

Arabic is not a primary prerequisite for several workers in Dubai. But Arabic information is essential for the banking and government sectors where Arabic is the contact language.

However, it would be a benefit for you to do a specific job than others if you understand Arabic. In certain professions, such as customs service, banking, regulation, hospitality, healthcare or other where Arabs are first clients, you would have a benefit over others. If you talk to them in Arabic, they’ll like you and your service.

Arabs are not only UAE citizens but even those from other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia who lived in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So, if employers have some commercial interest in the UAE with Emirati and Arabs, bilingual skills can involve a job.

Today, bilingual experience – that is, the Arabic language required along with English – is a concept progressively used in UAE work ads.

“It’s possible to forecast bilingual candidates as they are currently in demand,” said Suhail Masri, VP, sales. However, as the UAE prepares for an increasingly globalized stage for the multi-lingual World Expo 2020, the nominee would undoubtedly gain, “according to the Gulf Sector.

Therefore, it’s always useful for you to study Arabic either by lessons or self-learning packages.

Work in Dubai

Regarding the issue of work, you should know that the salaries that were offered a few years ago of 4,000, 5,000, and even 6,000 euros are no longer so easy to find. The average salary of an inhabitant of Dubai usually ranges between 2,600 and 3,200 euros. Starting from the basis that it is a good salary, you must think that only in food and taxes you already have a good part, and I do not want to tell you if you pay rent.

To work in Dubai, you need a work visa, so the company must hire you in advance. Another requirement to work is to know English, not necessarily Arabic.

Most of the jobs in demand in Dubai are for specialized people. Low-skilled jobs are often filled by Egyptian, Indian and Pakistani immigrants who do it at low prices.

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