Cost Of House In Dubai

If you are considering coming to live in the United Arab Emirates, I am sure that the first question you will ask yourself is; How much does it cost to buy or rent a house in Dubai? In this post, I will try to resolve that question in the best possible way

Cost of House in The City Center of Dubai

What I mean by the “City Center” is the one most touristy areas and more similar to Europe. It is where you have all kinds of facilities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. within walking distance.

They are also areas very well connected to public transport. However, this city still has a long way to go to have 100% efficient public transportation.

The average prices for different apartment sizes are these:

  • Studio: 60,000 DHS a year / EUR 15,000 a year
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: 80,000 DHS a year / EUR 20,000 a year
  • 2 Bedrooms Apartment: 110,000 DHS per year / EUR 27,500 per year
  • 3 Bedrooms Apartment: 200,000 DHS a year / EUR 50,000 a year

The price is set per year because, in Dubai, the rent is paid once a year. You can negotiate to pay in two or more times, but this entails an increase in the rent.

Cost of House in Remote Areas in Dubai

Non-prime areas in Dubai mean that you are not in such central and well-connected locations. In these neighborhoods, it is usually necessary for each member of the family to have a car since even to go shopping for salt; you need to drive.

The prices that I am going to show you are not the average since you can find everything, but they are from what price you can find houses with the number of rooms you need:

  • Studi: 20,000 DHS a year / EUR 5,000 a year
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment: 25,000 DHS per year / EUR 6,500 per year
  • 2 Bedrooms Apartment: 30,000 DHS per year / EUR 7,500 per year
  • 3 Bedrooms Apartment: 50,000 DHS per year / 12,500 EUR per year

Housing expenses in Dubai

In addition to the rent, we must add the costs of water, electricity, and internet. In the city center areas, it is normal for air conditioning to be included in the rental price, so the water and electricity bill will be the same every month.

However, for remote areas you have to be careful with this since if air conditioning is not included in the rental price, surely in summer, there will be quite large bills for electricity consumption.

The price of water and electricity has a tax based on the rental price of the house. So the main areas will always pay more even if they consume less.

City center areas operational housing cost (not including air conditioner)

  • Studio: 300 DHS per month / EUR 75 per month
  • 1 Room: 400 DHS per month / 100 EUR per month
  • 2 Bedrooms: 550 DHS per month / 135 EUR per month
  • 3 Bedrooms: 1000 DHS per month / 250 EUR per month

Remote areas operational housing cost (not including air conditioner)

  • Studio: 100 DHS per month / EUR 25 per month
  • 1 Room: 125 DHS per month / 35 EUR per month
  • 2 Bedrooms: 150 DHS per month / 40 EUR per month
  • 3 Bedrooms: 250 DHS per month / 65 EUR per month

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