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You might not know it, but buying a property is one of the most lucrative investments you can make. In fact, according to this article from CNN Money, U.S. real estate investors saw their portfolio appreciate at an average rate of 4% per year in the 1980s and 1990s before declining to 2% in the 2000s — this even after pulling out their gains via taxation, inflation, and other factors. This profit trend has been extremely beneficial for those who have bought well in the past, but it’s undoubtedly had a negative impact on property owners who bought and sold the wrong properties or at the wrong time. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help you make money on your next property investment decision.

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a new property investment opportunity – location, neighborhood (or lack thereof), square footage, condition of the home, the cost to purchase, proximity to amenities like schools and restaurants/shopping malls/ridesharing services among others – but only a few can really affect your return.

The first factor that can significantly affect your ROI is location. If you buy a property in an economically depressed area, the price per square foot can be well below average while the rent will be well above average. This will translate directly into a low ROI for your investment. However, if you purchase a property right on the edge of some of America’s most prestigious cities — Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City, for example — you’ll get not only good rental real estate but good investment real estate as well. Some of these cities are located in other states that also attract a high demographic of new homeowners that pay higher prices per square foot than other similar states (like Connecticut).

Since there are more individuals and companies that work in those cities, rental income is more likely to be reinvested in the area than ridding you of some gainful investment. But don’t just consider homes on the edge of a major city, as there are plenty of opportunities to find good investment properties near those cities. For example, you might find a two-bedroom condo on the outskirts of Boston for $400,000 — it might not be right downtown but it’s close enough that people can still walk or drive over.

It might not be as central but chances are the price per square foot will be higher and thus your ROI will be too.

Buying properties in Dubai:

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Why go abroad when Dubai is just a little bit closer? With its bright white sands, perfect weather, and luxurious housing options, Dubai has always been one of the top destinations to visit. What should you know before you buy your property in Dubai?

If you’re looking to make your money work for you, Dubai is a good place to start. Unlike other countries, real estate in Dubai is not only a great investment opportunity but also an excellent source of rental income.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Read on if you want to learn more about property buying and selling in Dubai!

Buyers should know that there are two governing entities responsible for overseeing land use and residential developments.

1- Dubai Land Department was created by the Ruler of Dubai to manage land use in Dubai. This is an important consideration as many expatriates intend to make Dubai their permanent home, and in many instances, property taxes are non-existent or effectively nonexistent. the DLD takes on very sell happened in Dubai 4% of the Sold Price.

2- The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) was established by the Economic Council of Dubai to regulate and oversee real estate purchases, sales, and insurance contracts.

now buying a property in Dubai? The easiest way to tell if it’s time to buy a property in Dubai is by checking out the cost of properties. In December 2016, the average price for a villa was $3.368 million while apartments were valued at an average of $1.778 million. With rents in Dubai averaging over $2,500 per month for these two types of properties, it’s not hard to see that investing in these areas is already paying off.

in 2021 was the best time to buy properties in Dubai. we could find a villa starting price 1.2m AED which was cheaper than previous years. the Real Estate market affected by the World epidemic Covid-19, studios start with 390k AED ( 102k $).

There are also many incentives for investors who want to buy properties in Dubai now. The land is the most in-demand type of property in Dubai, and the government has a plan for new developments. The project currently being pushed by the government is an artificial island called “The World Islands,” which will be developed on three levels: sea level, seafloor level, and undersea level. The first phase of this project will be completed by the end of this year 2021 and will house up to 300 villas as well as provide a space for a yacht marina and other luxury services.



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