Best Places to Rent 4-Bedroom Houses and Villas in Sharjah For Under AED 90k

Several forms of rental properties are available in Sharjah’s dynamic real estate industry. The emirate offers a wide range of housing choices, from flats to townhouses and villas, to fit every budget.

On the other hand, Villas are always the best choice for anyone searching for a large home at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at the best places in Sharjah to find 4-bedroom villas.


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Al Ghafia often called al Ghafeya, is the first position on our list of the best places in Sharjah to rent 4-bedroom villas. The town, which is close to the Ajman-Sharjah border, has a well-connected transportation system. 

Families looking to rent villas in Al Ghafia are especially fond of the region. Al Ghafia Park, relaxing open space in the heart of the community, is located in this district.

Sharjah’s best schools are located here, including Modern American International School, Aspam Indian International School, and Leaders Private School. In terms of treatment, Al Ghafia has a comprehensive list of Sharjah hospitals. 

In Sharjah, Al Qassimi Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital, and Zulekha Hospital are among the most common choices. Residents of the neighborhood have access to a diverse variety of retail opportunities. 

Al Shaab Village, located not far from Al Ghafia, offers a variety of local recreational activities. With so much to give, it’s no surprise that this region is the most famous for renting Sharjah villas. The average annual rent for a four-bedroom villa is AED 37,000 here.


Sharqan is the second-most common region with 4-bedroom villas for rent in Sharjah, right after Al Ghafia. Sharqan is a renowned family destination because of its proximity to the pristine Al Fisht Public Beach. 

There are numerous amenities in the town, including nurseries, mosques, and salons. For residents’ healthcare needs, there is also an active medical clinic and pharmacy in the city.

The lush Sharqan Park, as well as the Fischt Park, is located in a family-friendly city. These Sharjah villas for hire are lovely gated villas that are suitable for big families. Renters in Sharqan should consider paying an estimate of AED 78k per year for a four-bedroom villa.


Al Jazzat is the next most common neighborhood for renting four-bedroom villas in Sharjah. Located in the heart of Al Riqa, one of the emirate’s most prestigious regions.

Stand-alone and semi-attached villas with tall perimeter walls and trees make up the property. The neighborhood is popular with families because it has a lot of greenery. Additional facilities include parks, swimming baths, lawns, and breathtaking water features in some villas.

The villas for rent in Al Jazzat have plenty of parking and extra rooms for visitors beside the boundary walls. Sharjah Cooperative Society, one of Sharjah’s finest supermarkets, is open to residents.

Marwan Supermarket and Al Madina Supermarket are two more places where you can go food shopping regularly. It’s still close to schools and clinics, making it a good choice for families with children. A four-bedroom house in Al Jazzat can be rented for about AED 73,000.

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