Best Places To Buy Property In Dubai 2020

We know that buying and selling property in Dubai is a huge business. However, in which location we must invest? In this post, we are going to discuss some recommended places to spend on a property.

Buying Property in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the most common place for buying apartments in the UAE. The site triggers the most app searches and many famous neighborhoods in Dubai.

The Dubai Marina area is an unparalleled option for the glamorous and fashionable. It is one of the most popular communities in Dubai. This amazing neighborhood has luxury skyscrapers, a wide variety of restaurants and leisure opportunities and gives its people, most of all, modern waterfront living.

Dubai Marina is a beautifully designed neighborhood with a smooth road network and a picturesque marina lined with luxury yachts.

The master developer, Emaar Properties, has made a 3 km coastal belt and an area of 50 million square feet modern neighborhood. It is offering Dubai residents a chic lifestyle in a riviera.

Some of the key attractions of this multipurpose district is a vast 3.5-kilometer canal that provides links to the sea at both ends. For buyers, several luxurious condos in high-rise towers may be picked from the stunning environment of the marina.

The completion of Emaar ‘s groundbreaking Bluewaters Island demonstrates the long-term attractiveness of this location as one of Dubai ‘s top real estate investment regions.

The Dubai Marina condos are deemed high-end property with multiple facilities. Apartment prices in Dubai Marina remain more or less stable, which shows that those who invest in property here will have a bright future.

The typical studio sale price is 800k, one-bedroom apartments are 1,15 M, and two-bedroom apartments are 1,9 M. The ROI of the Dubai Marina apartments is approximately 6.4% per month.

Buying Property in City Center of Dubai

The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard are situated in Dubai city center, better known as “Downtown Now.” The neighborhood is renowned for its luxury condos in the heart of the city center and the most picturesque condos in the old town.

The area ‘s popularity will grow to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, the Burj Khalifa. Thanks to its proximity to many city attractions, Dubai city is also famous for investing in Dubai Apartments.

Prices are higher here. The studios will cost an average of AED 920,000. Nevertheless, due to a solid secondary sector and proper levels of leasing, the attractiveness of downtown Dubai apartments is still not diminished by the high cost.

Final Verdict

When you have the capital and decide to invest, it is nice to bring it into the real estate. Your land values can increase.

Some resources indicate that the global property market has risen by an average of 3.3 percent a year. But small valuation improvements appear very appealing using the leverage theory.

Bear in mind that you have the holy grail of all wealth when you purchase real estate in Dubai as an investment. It is a passive wealth.

One of the significant advantages of property as an asset is that banks can lend you capital. The idea that banks lend you a financial commodity allows you to purchase a far bigger commodity than you can.

Rental returns will earn you double digits of cash, way more than something you receive from a loan and much more than any other asset groups.

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