Best Areas to Find Family-Friendly Apartment in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many famous places with family-friendly apartments. Several apartment communities in Dubai have links to a range of healthcare facilities, stores, and colleges.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most common places in Dubai for tenants searching for family-friendly apartments.


The Palm Jumeirah is a well-known Dubai landmark that exemplifies a vivid and convenient way of life. It is close to both of Dubai’s main supermarkets and a number of the city’s best restaurants and attractions. It also houses Nakheel Mall, Golden Mile Galleria, and The Pointe, which all provide various family-friendly events. Al Ittihad Park, one of Dubai’s finest running tracks, is also within walking distance.

Several condos, 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments are available for rent or purchase in Palm Jumeirah, with proximity to swimming pools, neighborhood centers, parks, and gyms.

A 3-bedroom apartment in Palm Jumeirah can be rented for AED 156k, whereas the average sales price of 3-bedroom apartments in Palm Jumeirah is AED 3.6M, according to our results.

Four-bedroom apartments in Palm Jumeirah rent for AED 286k per month, while four-bed units in Palm Jumeirah can be purchased for AED 17.9 million.

JUMEIRAH BEACH RESIDENCE (JBR) Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR for short, is a Dubai waterfront village. The region is popular with both locals and visitors, and it is home to one of Dubai’s most gorgeous beaches, JBR Beach. It provides easy access to Dubai’s colleges, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and other prominent attractions.

If you want to experience the nature of beachfront living, the JBR apartments are the place to be! JBR 3-bedroom flats for leasing start at AED 116k, while 3-bedroom apartments for sale start at AED 2.8M. The average rental price for a 4-bedroom apartment in JBR is AED 167k, whereas the average sales price for a 4-bed apartment in JBR is AED 5.3M.


Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is one of Dubai’s most well-planned communities, renowned for its ultra-convenient lifestyle. JLT is a sky-piercing tower complex of 26 clusters of sky-piercing towers set across four magnificent lakes.

Many nurseries, stores, clinics, and parking spaces can be found at Jumeirah Lake Towers. In reality, it provides easy access to Dubai Marina Mall, one of the city’s most famous shopping malls. There are also a variety of other recreational opportunities in the region.

Apartments in JLT range in size from three to five bedrooms. In JLT, the average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment is AED 104k, whereas a 3-bed flat can be purchased for about AED 2.8M. If you choose to rent a 4-bedroom flat in JLT, the average price is AED 134k. In JLT, you should expect to pay about AED 3.1 million for a four-bedroom apartment.


Motor City is Dubai’s fourth most famous neighborhood for family-friendly apartments. Motor City is a motorsports center in Dubai, as its name implies. Sports fans can fulfill their need for pace at the Dubai Autodrome, conveniently located in the community.

There are many malls, a lot of shopping shops, a lot of pubs, a lot of pet stores, and a lot of nurseries in Motor City. Overall, the community has intense comfort as well as a relaxing atmosphere. In the area’s family-friendly 3 to 5-bedroom apartments, you’ll certainly appreciate a luxurious lifestyle.

Three-bedroom apartments in Motor City cost an average of AED 102k per month, while four-bedroom apartments cost an average of AED 141k per month. The average price of a three-bedroom apartment in Motor City is AED 1.4 million.

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