5 Ways to Make Your Money Work For You in Dubai

Have you been to Dubai and looking to invest in property? If so, you’ll want to look into the TOP 5 ways for making your money work for you in Dubai.

1. The Share Market: Investing is just like gambling, but with less risk. When you buy shares, they either rise or fall in value; however the potential for gain is much higher. For example, a share can go up from 100,000 Dhs to 200,000 Dhs in one year. It doesn’t necessarily mean the share will keep going up every year; it could rise 50% on the second year and 25% on the third and then it would stop increasing as it got closer to 200,000 Dhs. But you are most likely going to receive some good returns if you invest in the right shares.

2. Property: The best way of making your money work for you in Dubai is investing. When you invest in a property, you are committing to a long term commitment, which is good for your finances. You should only invest as much money as you are prepared to lose. If you have a lot of money to invest, then it may be wise to purchase more than one property (if you are able and have the time). You can spread these properties across the greater Dubai area. If you find a building that is in need of repair, then it would be wise to change some of the interior designs and make it new again. Don’t purchase anything that you would not be prepared to live in yourself.

3. Business: You might want to start your own business in Dubai. What are the top businesses to start in Dubai? Well, there are many factors that you can consider doing business. A good start is to establish a good reputation for yourself. This will attract lots of people who will be interested in working for you, which will lead to higher earning potential for you. Other factors that you can consider include the regulations, growth potential and the number of jobs available.

4. Property Investment: Another good way of making your money work for you in Dubai is property investment. This involves buying property low and selling it high; however you need to be careful as it can turn out a loss if you buy the house at the wrong price. You will need to do some market research to find out what type of properties are selling highly in Dubai today.

5. Freelancing Online: If you are looking for another way of making your money work for you in Dubai, then freelancing online could be the answer. Once you start freelancing, it is much easier to make money while doing something that you enjoy. If you are very good at cooking or have a knack of photography, then this could be a time when you can make money doing what you love to do. Freelancing is also better than any other job as it does not require any complicated skills and can start immediately after completing your studies.

This will help make your dollars work for you in Dubai by staying in the city and working.

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