Living In Dubai Pros And Cons

Have you ever visited Dubai? If so, the climate, history, and lifestyle of this location may have shocked you. Here are the pros and cons of living in Dubai:

Pros of Living in Dubai

It is a great tourist spot.

Dubai is an excellent location for tourists due to its amenities and inventions, and some of its best attractions are:

  • The Arab Burj
  • The Khalifa Burj
  • Dubai’s underwater islands.
  • Dubai Artificial Islands

It is also important to note that these islands have their private beaches so that you can enjoy a great trip.

The highways, transport, and maintenance services are of high quality.

Since Dubai receives an immense amount of tourists, the highways and roads in the area, who often live in ideal conditions, there is nothing like “potholes” which will affect your vehicle. The streets are paved and constructed in the right ways to identify the matching streets.

Taxis are modern and ideally built to endure the heat in Dubai, and offer you real comfort inside them, and the low and cool temperature. Taxis are spacious. Taxi drivers are often competent, friendly, fun, and helpful people.

Constructions and automobiles are luxuries

You will notice any corner and car park. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porche, Mercedes, Bugatti, etc. are famous in any building or automotive of the most excellent quality and potential expense in this area.

Taxes are not available

All right; 0 percent is impressive. Recently, however, there is a VAT tax of 5 percent for citizens residing in the city, which is still minor relative to the tax on Spain, which is 21 percent.

Anyway, it is a beautiful opportunity to live in Dubai. It is something that will leave you exposed to the great possibilities and stuff to do in this incredible place.

While all are amazing and incredible, there is also a bad side, particularly the tremendous challenge that life poses in this location.

Cons of Living in Dubai

The high standard of living

First of all, you must have these minimum requirements to remain in Dubai:

  • Get a career (Either accredited or explicitly based graduate degree or experience)
  • Have a minimum monthly salary of between $ 2,000 (USD) and $ 4,000 (USD)
  • These requirements will not guarantee you a life of luxury. You will belong to the lowest of society in Dubai. You would be approximately between a person of lower to lower middle class.
  • Ideally, if you want to survive comfortably or from the middle class to the mightiest level, you have a monthly income of more than $5000 (USD)

It is considered that by having a monthly income beyond $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 (USD), you will already be in the upper class in Dubai, and you can enjoy the best luxuries that the city gives you.

If you want to work in Dubai, there is a lot of competition; since all those who work there is a technical and specialized area are people with excellent knowledge.

The religion

The religion in Dubai is Muslim, something utterly different from what we know and is used to.

However, it is somewhat flexible as they leave you a lot of freedom. (They allow women to go in a bikini to the beach, for example)


  • You can’t go hand in hand with a woman in public.
  • You cannot kiss a woman in public.
  • You cannot do actions that show affection to your woman in public.
  • Women cannot go in shorts or skirts in public places.
  • Women are not allowed to display exhibitionistic postures in public.

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