Working And Living In Dubai

Dubai is one of the main towns in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the best in the world where you can find excellent wages.

Prepare for English B2 Test

It may not be appropriate to speak Arabic to work and live in Dubai, but a decent level of English is essential.

Besides English, the other prerequisite is a working visa. You require a business to support you, that is to suggest, to recruit you and to process your employable license. You do this only because you need someone of a certain background that you can not identify within the local and migrant community you already have.

Job styles in Dubai

In Dubai, there are more foreigners than local citizens, and the overwhelming majority of immigration received is from developed countries, particularly the building sector, which provides cheap employment. The Pakistani, Indian, and Philippine nationalities in the region are the most numerous.

There are still career prospects for Westerners with much higher incomes but mostly in professional occupations and leadership roles.

The most requested jobs in which immigrants are employed and with decent wages are:

  • Pilots
  • Chefs
  • Archeologists
  • Master engineers
  • Designer of interior
  • Welcome receivers
  • Ceo of the Hotel
  • Contact Center Representative

In Dubai, as I said earlier, pilots and other aviation occupations, such as flight attendants, are in great demand.

FlyDubai and Emirates are the major airlines in Dubai.

Job in clinics

There are still a significant amount of openings in the field of nursing. You may explicitly submit your resume to the essential hospitals, for example:

  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Iranian Hospital Dubai
  • Lifeline Hospital

Dubai wages

If you have a good job in Dubai, you will receive big pay. Here are some samples of the wages where foreigners’ careers have the highest demand:

  • About €16,000 a month for a pilot
  • Stewardess from Emirates, from €1,700 to 2,500 a month for 80 hours of flight and lodging.
  • Doctors, €4,000 to €15,000. month
  • Architect, €7,000 to €11,000 a month
  • Engineer, 6,500 to 14,000 euros a month
  • About €7,500 and €10,000 a month Hotel Manager
  • Bilingual phone officer for about €2.500 a month

How to get a career in Dubai

To search for work in Dubai, it’s best to find deals that match your profile on the internet, on specialized portals.

Because your business has to approve your visa for a job, you will carry out the selection process via Skype if you are involved in your application and your country and even give you the one-way ticket on many occasions. Accommodation for the first weeks.

Dubai Life

Life in Dubai is costly, but the wage you earn makes it very comfortable. For example, you have to pay over €1,500 per month for a single bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment, over €2,000 per month.

A one-bedroom apartment will cost you about €2,500 per month in the famous Palm Jumeirah.

A foreign private school may amount to about 12,000 euros a year, and a housekeeper would be around 700 euros a month.

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